I’m writing again

Well, it has been about a year since I wrote anything on my blog.  I put away my Devotion and Rosary for the moment, as I want to get back to the original purpose of having a blog.  And that is to write about things that are on my mind.

I guess one of the reasons I never follow-up on anything here is because I feel like I really have hardly anything worthwhile to say.  Who will listen? (or read?)

But I feel motivated again because maybe, just maybe what I post might have a positive impact on someone else’s life.  I know this happened to me recently.  I’m talking now about Arlynnpresser, who also has a blog here at WordPress.  I felt encouraged as I read her blogs, and I can relate to a lot of what she is talking about.  So a special thanks goes to Arlynn.

By the way, Arlynn is on Facebook and has met many of her Facebook friends in person.  I’m not on Facebook, as I never felt a need to have a Facebook account.  But hey!  Not having an account seems to work for me and other people.  And Arlynn having a Facebook account seems to work for her and other people.  So to each their own.

Now I’m going to shut up (but not for another whole year, I hope).

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