Darcy Isla and Ship of Fools

Wow!  What does it mean to be a fool?  That is a question posed by Darcy Isla in her post:  Ship of Fools.  It is a deep question coming from a deep person.

So what does it mean to be a fool?  Is it someone who does not act prudently?  Someone who acts unwisely?

It seems that the question cannot be answered short of cultural context and what people consider to be a fool.

How about this?  You work your butt off all your life for your possessions,  whatever they might be,  and then you die.  Is there any wisdom in that?

But then again,  I feel it is better to have than to not have,  especially to have the things deemed necessary for one’s survival.  Of course,  there is more to life than just surviving,  although we have little choice but to engage in the first activity,  which is to survive.

It will be interesting to see how Darcy’s first writing commission turns out.

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  1. Hey! Nice to see that you found something interesting in my blog. Unfortunately the latest news is that the commission didn’t come off; they messed me around a bit until saying that there was no money and the theatre troupe had changed their mind on the topic! But the play is coming along – about three acts written, including an ending, and just a bit of filling to do. I have grown quite attached to the story and am going to redevelop it with my long-time writing-collaboration friend. I’ll be posting about the progress as it happens, most likely from June when our theatre productions quieten down. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

  2. Dang! I was looking forward to seeing how your writing commission was going to turn out. Sorry it didn’t pull through for you.

    Yeah, I like reading your blogs. You’re thorough and have a way of reaching to the point and getting it across in a smooth way.

    Thanks for dropping by. I look forward to reading more of what is going on with you and your work.

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