Peace and Quietness

Superstition Mountain ~ Arizona

Do you like the above picture?  I sure do.  It evokes certain feelings in me.

For one thing, it gives me a sense of fresh air.  I can imagine breathing in deeply the cool and invigorating climate.  There is also a sense of peace since the sun is almost down, the moon is rising, and the light is getting dimmer.  Dimmer light triggers chemical mechanisms in the brain that helps one to calm down.  (I read this somewhere…can’t remember where.)

Imagine a campfire at the foot of this mountain. The heat is enough to give you a bit of warmth.  And the sound of wood crackling is enough to perhaps break the dead silence.  What thoughts would run through your mind in this kind of setting?

Let’s look at another picture.

Baby Alligator ~ Dupuis Wildlife Management Area

I took the above picture one time when I went camping. This little guy was in a lake, which was next to my campsite at DuPuis (pronounced: Du-pwee).

What feelings come to mind and heart when you see a picture like this?  Me: I’m not alone.  She is as curious of me as I am of him/her.  Around this lake too I saw a snake, turtles, frogs, squirrels, and especially at night, raccoons.

"Uh...excuse me...please read on..."

Let’s look at one more picture.

Grand Canyon

I love the Grand Canyon.  It is so massive and awesome.

What kind of feeling does a picture like this evoke in you?  Notice the calmness of the water.  The rafters are setting out for a voyage.  What lies ahead I don’t know…maybe they don’t either.

Look at the walls of the Canyon…what feelings do they evoke?  Do you feel a sense of being boxed in? Do you feel a special sense of security because the walls are massive and the only way, it seems, in or out is by water?  What would it be like to stay there all night?  Would you feel lonely? Would you enjoy the total solitude?  Would you feel scared?  Would time just seem to stand still?

Edited to add: Click any image in this post to enlarge it.  They’re really much nicer when viewed at a larger size. More detail can be seen.

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  1. Nice…and the aligator? if yoou hadn’t mentioned what it was, i would have thought it a hippo frrom the way its lower body is just swaying under the water there. 🙂

  2. Hi Deborah. Thanks for dropping by.

    Actually, after looking at that photo again, it could be a crocodile. The creature seems to have a pronounced “snout” like crocodiles.

  3. I never know the difference between the croc and the aligator. 🙂

    Thanks for your comment, I replied to it (I don’t think wordpress automatically tells you when people reply).

  4. Yeah, here is something I found:

    “Alligators have rounded, wide snouts. It appears to be U-shaped. Crocodiles have V-shaped jaws. It is longer and more pointed.”

    Read more: How to Tell The Difference Between A Crocodile And An Alligator |

    By the way, WordPress sends me an e-mail when someone makes a comment. I don’t remember what settings I made to make it do that. But if I can find it again, I’ll let you know how to do that so you get an e-mail when someone makes a comment at your blog.

    Also, I just noticed something. There is a “check box” below this “Leave a Reply” box that reads: “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” You should be able to use that when you make comments or replies.

    I read your response to my comment at your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts (enjoyed them), and I’m glad you enjoyed my comment.

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